Angelic justiciar and guiding hand on the Prime


Ophanion’s celestial nature is as plain as nose on their face – a face that is an otherwordly vision of angelic perfection, perfectly symmetrical and androgynous. They are always clad in a suit of white-gold plate, with a gleaming sword of white metal at one hip and two great feathery wings, burnt orange in colour, sprouting from their back.


On the Prime, Ophanion’s influence was first felt through their various protégés, notably Poncho and Bonnie D’Awsum. As the Sun King strengthened his influence in anticipation of the Apogee Festival, and the need grew direr, Ophanion marshalled more and more forces against him, taking under his wing the veteran paladin Valerian, the divinely inspired bard Katerina Azalea et cetera of Mendenhall (tragically deceased), and the mad old prophet Vim under their wing. During the confrontation at the festival itself, Vim opened the way for Ophanion to manifest themselves on the Prime, and they assisted greatly in the fight against the Sun King, the Sun Beast, and the archmage Quiriné.

In the wake of the Sun King’s fall, Ophanion was offered – and duly accepted – a seat on the Provisional Council. Shortly after it was originally convened, its original chairman, Dawnstrider Arrakash, resigned, and Ophanion has since chaired the Council.


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